Insights From A Founder’s Journey

By Alexander Gruell, Venture Investments, M&A, Moon Pay

unit economics


crisis management

Alexander Gruell, the lead for Venture Investments and Mergers and Acquisitions at Moon Pay, shares his experience as a founder of Valoreo, for which he raised $160M and exited through its sale. He discusses various aspects of being a founder, including product-market fit, unit economics, fundraising, and crisis management.

Gruell emphasizes the importance of understanding customer demand, focusing on sustainable unit economics, and making decisions based on the profit and loss statement. He also advises founders to start the fundraising process well in advance, secure as much cash as possible, and carefully negotiate legal agreements.

Gruell stresses the significance of transparency, seeking guidance from investors, and being proactive in cost-cutting measures to ensure the survival and sustainability of the company.