User Acquisition

By Jad Chahine - Founding Partner, Superscrypt

User Acquisition

Retaining Users

Brand Creation

In this video, Jad, the co-founder of Superscrypt, deep-dives into user acquisition and talks about different ways of retaining users.

Jad shares examples from his portfolio company on how engagement can be generated at early stages and customers can be attracted (creating top of the funnel).

He emphasizes why it's essential to build a brand and provide value to users for user engagement through social channels and he also focuses on the importance of strategic partnership to drive adoption.

As the community is the lead magnet for adoption for any Web3 project he emphasizes creating valuable delightful content while being consistent in the efforts. He also talks about different strategies for airdrop distribution and the need for tailoring the strategy according to the project needs.

If you are looking to drive the first users in your Web3 platform this video is a must-see for you.