Token Market Management

By Ankur Garg - Director, TDMM


Token management

Market Maker

Ankur Garg, Director at TDMM (Trade Dog Market Maker) is specialized in token and treasury management and he shared his experience about token market management at the DMCC TDeFi Acceleration program.

He highlighted the fact that Founders believe that listing their tokens on more exchanges would mean more platforms for the traders to trade BUT on the other hand, it means that now more trading terminals are to be managed which would require more liquidity. Also, Price Parity is to be maintained so that the token prices across the platforms majorly remain in sync.

For a healthy token cycle, founders should ensure that the token is well distributed across the community and is fueled by a business that helps it accrue value.

Join us as we understand the nitty gritties of token market management. Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights in the field!