Growth Hack in Web3

By Ravikant Agarwal - Director, Growth at Privado Id (Prev. Polygon Id)

Growth hack

Narrative Building

Join us for an insightful session with Ravikant Agarwal, Director of Growth at Privado ID, previously known as Polygon ID.

In this video, Ravikant shares his extensive journey in Web3, highlighting critical elements of growth hacking such as agility in product development, engaging stakeholders, and rapid experimentation with narratives. Learn about the unique dimensions of Web3 growth, including the power of community support, decentralization, and the composability of open-source applications.

Ravikant emphasizes the importance of agility and quick iteration for startups, focusing on core solutions to minimize competition and gradually expand offerings. He also delves into the vital role of community building, offering strategies to nurture and engage through platforms like Twitter and Discord.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights on driving growth and innovation in the Web3 ecosystem. Watch now to learn how to effectively navigate the complexities of this evolving space and stay ahead of the curve!