A gathering of leading executives which bring Key-Opinion-Leaders and executives who are actively contributing to the contemporary wealth and investment space.

The Wealth Today Summit 2023 through a series of interactive panel discussions, keynotes, and networking sessions covered the top trends, emerging risks, and future opportunities.

TDeFi conducted a series of exciting panel discussions on the following subjects:

The Wealth Today Summit 2023, rejuvenated and united the pivotal moments in history of finance. TDeFi as evangelist incubators of Blockchain economy contributed to the moments as speakers, co-host, and exhibitors to the summit.


The Wealth Today Summit 2023

TDeFi as incubation partner to Agora (11th GBC) Global Blockchain Congress covers the summit as speakers and partners.

Global Blockchain Congress like every year bridged builders with investors, regulators with industry KOL’s.

As speakers, the TDeFi team covered the two most essential topics as panel members to the congress.

The primer being the “Dubai Metaverse Strategy” the later being the “Future of Gaming”

TDVC (Tradedog Venture Capital) hosted the evaluation and award ceremony for the best start-ups in the space.

With the progression of the Blockchain and crypto community. Global Blockchain Congress 11th edition concludes.


11th Global Blockchain Congress

TDeFi co-hosted GRC Today Summit on 23rd Nov 2022, with an clear cut agenda to open dialogue and offer holistic solutions on topics affecting world’s financial industry amidst impact of the COVID-19 pandemic , surges in inflation triggered by geopolitical factors, cybersecurity, the evolution of payment gateways & space for cryptocurrency.

We hosted world’s top financial leaders including Safeya AlSafi from Ministry Of Economy UAE , Ian Johnston, Chief Executive of Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), Mohamed Daoud from Moody's Analytics, on one stage to discuss state and transformation of governance, risk and compliance, and in a way that can be adapted as a blueprint for transformation during different panel sessions at the event.



From October 10-13, 2022, TDeFi will had a presence at Gitex Global 2022 in order to foster the blockchain ecosystem and bring together global industry leaders, innovators, tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and other audiences from around the world. This event will be an excellent opportunity for extensive knowledge sharing and the exhibition of tech products. Additionally, this will be a time to celebrate the latest advancements and innovations in the industry.

At this event, over 5,000 leaders and innovators from tech companies and startups will see groundbreaking tech inventions and solutions being presented for the first time in the region. The event covers a wide range of fields so that tech enthusiasts from any background can showcase their innovations by setting up booths.

TDeFi is thrilled to be taking the stage at one of the world's largest tech expo this year, where we'll be showcasing our cutting-edge crypto ecosystem alongside some of the most innovative minds in the industry.

500+ Startups, Builders &
300+ VC, Funds, Family offices & Angel investors
Thought leaders & consequential voices
Journalists & Publishing
Influencers in the global &
regional communities
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TDeFi Pavilion at GITEX, 2022

Gitex  Global  2022

TDeFi will had a presence at TOKEN2049 on September 28th-29th alongside other notable crypto entities to discuss various challenges that the industry faces and paths of growth moving forward. This is one of the most highly respected and well-attended gatherings of crypto leaders and offers a unique opportunity to network and learn.

This event is one of the most influential in the global Web3 ecosystem, attracting thousands of participants, projects, and companies. With dozens of meetups, workshops, and networking opportunities, it provides cryptopreneurs with a platform to engage with targeted audiences, meet with senior decision-makers, form new strategic partnerships, promote brand awareness, or launch new products. Top-tier media and industry leaders will be in attendance, providing a great opportunity to showcase your brand or product.

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Token2049 - Singapore, 2022


In June 2022, TDeFi co-hosted the Wealth today Summit, which brought together a select group of wealth practitioners from around the world to discuss the prospects blockchain and cryptocurrencies have for established financial systems and institutions.

With unprecedented growth in alternative investment vehicles, new wealth routes are being generated, not just displaced. In order to take into consideration the booming startup scene and identify the next unicorn, institutional investors are progressively diversifying their portfolios. With the help of a strong economic ecosystem that is proving to be the ideal breeding ground for the fintech and blockchain firms, venture funds are experiencing unheard-of returns, and tokenization and cryptocurrencies are making their way into every investor's playbook.


The Wealth Today Summit - Dubai, 2022

TDeFi co-hosted CryptoHouse, a can't-miss event held in Davos, Switzerland ahead of the 2022 World Economic Forum (WEF). The annual gathering of the world's business elite to discuss the condition of the global economy attracted close to 3,000+ top executives from over 110 nations. It was the first WEF meeting since the COVID-19 pandemic, which had to be postponed the year before. The purpose of TDeFi's attendance was to contribute to panels and debates on Web3 and cryptocurrency, which were, unsurprisingly, hot issues at this year's WEF. Prior to the event, a number of companies in the area took over businesses on Davos' main street, transforming it into a crypto wonderland.

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CryptoHouse - Davos, 2022

The Decentralized Digital Reality: A gateway to the Metaverse, GameFi & DeFi

TDeFi Co-Hosts the 9th Edition of the Global Blockchain Congress on Feb 21 & 22, 2022 in Dubai along with the Agora group.

Global Blockchain Congress has hosted renowned projects before their launch in the likes of Elrond, Algorand and Vulcan forged while numerous crypto startups have cumulatively raised $100 Mn+ from the investors. The 9th GBC is set to unveil a new set of emerging startups to the world for the first time.

The event has established its reputation across the globe as a leading platform for emerging crypto startups to gain access to the pool of qualified investors that allows them to raise strategic investments, network and establish industry connections and a chance to partner with their peer projects attending the event.

The event holds tremendous brand value in the MENA region and would honour guests like H.E. Dr. Maryam Al Suwaidi (CEO-Securities & Commodities Authority) and Dr. Marwan Alzarouni (CEO-Dubai Blockchain Center) to name a few. The event would hold Pitches & Panel Discussions by the industry leaders. The event is neither a conference nor an exhibition. It being an exclusive, closed-door congress allows crypto projects to pitch their idea to the investors and garner their interest.

9th Global Blockchain Congress

TDeFi, a crypto startup accelerator, announced a Blockchain Business Hackathon in collaboration with Future Blockchain Summit at GITEX 2021, the world’s largest annual technology exhibition that takes place in Dubai. This business hackathon (BizThon) at GITEX is an extension of our enduring efforts to enable visionary developers and entrepreneurs to build decentralized products. The purpose of this uniquely designed BizThon is to shape an idea into a fully-funded operational business.

Various collaborating options at TDeFi BizThon under title partner, track or category sponsor as well as scoring partner categories would accentuate the said participants as the leading market players in the industry and also allow developers to build and integrate with their products. Additionally, they’ll be within the online reach of millions of eyeballs through live broadcasts and recordings. Geared toward showcasing exceptional decentralized products, TDeFi will bring the high-performance world of blockchain technology to a global stage through GITEX 2021.

Participants would share the stage with industry-leading companies such as IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Google, HP and more while they craft solutions that will leave a disruptive impact on the attendees and the world.

A global stage to innovate and collaborate:

  • 4,500+ exhibitors, 250,000+ visitors and 140+ countries in attendance.
  • 400+ of the most active investors and venture capitals from 30+ countries.
  • 350+ speakers from 30 countries live on-stage, delivering 280+ hours of powerful content.
  • Awards and rewards of over $1 million will be distributed.
  • Collaboration opportunities in the Future Blockchain Summit, GITEX 2021.
  • Win the unconditional support of mentors, opinion leaders, technologists and leading strategy officials.

Walk in as an idea and walk out as a fully-funded business

Dubbed as the “BizThon” , the hackathon is open to anyone (students, professionals, individuals or corporates) with a vision to build atop blockchain technology. Enthusiasts can submit their ideas on any of the following tracks:

Centralized and
decentralized finance
Non Fungible tokens and
social networks
Social impact and
Blockchain everything

Their ideas would be judged by exceptional mentors and world-renowned technologists who will host weekly or monthly online workshops, webinars and mentor sessions for guidance. The shortlisted teams will be eligible to pitch their idea to investors, key opinion leaders and mentors. All expenses including lodging, food and participation will be sponsored by TDeFi so that the participants do not face any inconvenience whatsoever, thus making them a part of the largest technology event to shape their future.

If you are a developer or even a beginner who adores the value of blockchain technology, get ready to experience multifold growth with the right guidance and resources through TDeFi’s BizThon.

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TDeFi BizThon at GITEX,2021

Cryptocurrency's auxiliary use cases such as DeFi and NFT have taken the world by storm with the amount of sheer participation and historic milestones. The DeFi and NFT space has stretched out into a broad region hosting a multitude of dapps and protocols that are prone to being defunct or stagnant due to various inconsistencies. This is where a startup accelerator's significance emerges and TDeFi lives up to that by assuring the next big idea reaches the masses and sustain itself.

The Agora congresses have been vital to revealing noteworthy startups from among the hoard. Careful planning and execution of their business model have now become ever more necessary to uplift these ideas into thriving ecosystems.

The institutional adoption of crypto is on the rise with signs of unrelenting enthusiasm among investors and users from the MENA region and the rest of Africa. This upcoming congress shall see the participation of various institutional investors, government officials from the MENA and other regions, decision-makers, compliance and regulatory officers and more. The TDeFi league that comprises top investors, mentors and thinkers would share the stage with all of them again at the Global Blockchain Congress for celebrating DeFi and NFTs on June 21st and 22nd.

Noteworthy Speakers

Gaurav Dubey

Founder & CEO, O1ex

Ahmed Bin Sulayem

Executive Chairman & CEO, DMCC

Mohamed Al Banna

Group CEO & MD, LEAD Ventures

Anna Tutova

CEO, Coinstelegram

Christophe De Courson

Co-Founder & CEO, Olymp Capital

Daniel Santos

CEO, Woonkly

Sergei Khitrov

Founder & CEO, Listing. Help & Jets.Capital

Alex Nascimento

Managing Director, 7CC Blockchain Investments

Saeed Hareb Al Darmaki

Managing Director, Alphabit Digital Currency Fund

TDeFi intends to help these startups get access to a greater pool of capital and services fundamental to swift development. Crypto has opened up a whole new paradigm of alternative investment, something investors were on the hunt for decades. TDeFi is not only about nurturing startups, it is also about helping investors mitigate systematic risks, get access to high yields, and meet their return targets. Furthermore, the investors looking to invest in promising companies can steer clear of unusual risk exposure due to prior due diligence of the startups.

7th Global Blockchain Congress

After scaling the summit of huge engagement and response from a wider audience, TDeFi was present at yet another event in the same city where it all began. We at TDeFi co-hosted The Global DeFi Congress with Agora Group with a special thankful gesture to DTCM, the Ministry of health that helped us host this event by following all the health and safety protocols. This one-day event saw the presence of another promising set of startups from various demographies including middle-eastern investors, family offices, VC funds, retail investors, Strategy and legal officers, crypto influencers and other prominent entities from over the globe. The day opened with the speech of Mr Hadi Malaeb, Co-Founder & CEO of Agora Group who is then followed by Mr Gaurav Dubey, CEO TDeFi.

The most popular startups attending this day were MassDeFi, Drife, DeFi11, Velas Network, Reef Finance, Freela, Defipie and more. Other prominent personalities that were an integral part of the event were H.E. Hussain Mohammed Al Mahmoudi, CEO, Sharjah Research, Technology & Innovation Park, Mrinal Manohar, CEO Capser Labs, Ralf Glabischnig, Founder & Board Member, Crypto Valley Venture Capital, Hubertus Thonhauser, Chairman of the Board, Tezos Foundation, Joel Dietz, Connection Science Fellow MIT, Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr, Managing Editor Cointelegraph, Tatiana Koffman, Investor, Koffman Group & Columnist, Forbes and other endless names who witnessed the first of a kind DeFi and NFT acceleration program.

We handpicked a few startups, namely Drife, MassDeFi, DeFi11 etc and onboarded them in our acceleration cohort. TDeFi is committed to assisting startups in their roadmap, development phases, end-goals, community engagement, use cases and much more. Aimed at growth and sustenance in the crypto markets, we deploy the best practices to deliver unprecedented results. Startups in our cohorts have unlocked a universe of possibilities aimed at sustainable growth. TDeFi has pledged numerous contributions to these emerging startups such as investment, Ideation & Mentorship, Strategic guidance, Growth Management for scaling them to unprecedented success in terms of business and popularity. In our unceasing motivation to bring growth in the DeFi and NFT sector, we are coming to Dubai yet again in the 7th edition of the Global Blockchain Congress "Celebrating DeFi And NFTs".

We welcome you to join the global event as we build our alliance with the next-gen crypto startups.

Global DeFi Congress

TDeFi is the world's first virtual crypto startup accelerator with an inclination towards DeFi & NFT projects. We've been breaking the rhetoric of 'to the moon' wherein a huge number of crypto enthusiasts are duped in the name of the next big cryptocurrency in the ecosystem. We rip away the vagueness in the crypto startups by prior due diligence and screening so that we are able to onboard and showcase only those startups that are here to disrupt and innovate.

Watch our Youtube channel for numerous startups that we've invited, vetted and successfully onboarded in a span of a few months. Here are the events in retrospect that we are proud to have co-hosted under the TDdeFi banner.

DeFi Demo & Pitch Week, Dec 2- Dec 5, 2020

The first event of the acceleration program was hosted in Dubai amid covid restrictions. But that did not deter us from hosting numerous projects in the virtual presence of institutional investors, mentors, industry leaders, decision-makers, compliance and regulatory experts, strategy officers, speakers and guest from various geographies. The event was aimed at hand-picking value-driven startups by hosting three days of pitches and one final demo day on Dec 5. We received hundreds of startup application but only a few handful of the deserving startups made it through our due diligence. Out of the many startups that TDeFi vetted, a few credible ones such as Reef Finance, DFyn, Terra Virtua, FinXFlo, Spherium Finance, Pepemon pitched their startups in the first three days. Once shortlisted, they were presented on the final Demo Day for the final run down. Startups such as OroPocket, xBTC, Singularity DAO that made to our first cohort of our acceleration program. The event proved to be turning point in the way the middle east views Decentralized Finance. We kept receiving numerous startup applications following the event on a daily basis and that led us to co-host another exciting event in Dubai, in February this year called the the Global DeFi Congress.

TDeFi Pitch and Demo Day