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MoneyBridge #Incubated #Web3

MoneyBridge is your solution for crypto mass adoption. MoneyBridge provides flawless user experience, low latency settlement and tight spreads for fiat on/ off ramp in Web3. Led by veterans of the traditional finance industry, MoneyBridge would democratize Web2 users' access to the exciting new world of Web3. The three co-founders have 45 years' experience and have managed $3 Billion of institutional investments.

ACDX #Investment #Defi

ACDX proposes to offer a next-generation cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform with cryptocurrency structured products that the industry has not yet seen, such as callable bull/bear contract, warrant contract, accumulator/decumulator, etc.

Apollo Protocol #Investment #Defi

Apollo is a true seigniorage share model decoupling volatility and ensuring absolute stability while capturing the value of a world wealth index from a basket of stable assets, creating a future proof and innovative digital asset.