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MoneyBridge #Incubated #Web3

MoneyBridge is your solution for crypto mass adoption. MoneyBridge provides flawless user experience, low latency settlement and tight spreads for fiat on/ off ramp in Web3. Led by veterans of the traditional finance industry, MoneyBridge would democratize Web2 users' access to the exciting new world of Web3. The three co-founders have 45 years' experience and have managed $3 Billion of institutional investments.

AIO.NFT #Incubated #NFT

“Act It Out” (AIO) has built an NFT platform that is set to unite the video content creators, stakeholders in the traditional cinema industry (Actors & Production Houses), enabling them to auction their creations as NFTs. AIO enables the artists to mint their own NFTs (without technical skills) which can be purchased by the community members on the platform.

Conreality #Incubated #gaming #metaverse

Conreality is a mixed-reality arena that offers an advanced live-action (paintball/airsoft-like) gaming experience to the players. The project infuses AR, NFTs, and open-source robotics (hardware) tech into its ecosystem and is set to collaborate with the metaverse-gaming projects and arenas. Offering a whole new shooting gameplay experience to the players, the project has already established its physical arenas in UAE and Ukraine and plans to scale globally with arenas in 50+ cities worldwide.

ACDX #Investment #Defi

ACDX proposes to offer a next-generation cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform with cryptocurrency structured products that the industry has not yet seen, such as callable bull/bear contract, warrant contract, accumulator/decumulator, etc.

Apollo Protocol #Investment #Defi

Apollo is a true seigniorage share model decoupling volatility and ensuring absolute stability while capturing the value of a world wealth index from a basket of stable assets, creating a future proof and innovative digital asset.