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xBTC #Accelerated #Pilot #Defi

xBTC is a rebasing token pegged to Bitcoin Market Cap Dominance (BMCD) that uniquely combines both hedging and indexing strategies to protect capital investments in this digital asset space. Instead of hedging against Bitcoin’s price, xBTC allows holders to access a synthetic hedge BMCD by means of establishing a “Dominance Hedge.”

ACDX #Investment #Defi

ACDX proposes to offer a next-generation cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform with cryptocurrency structured products that the industry has not yet seen, such as callable bull/bear contract, warrant contract, accumulator/decumulator, etc.

Vulcan Forged #Accelerated #Second #Gaming #NFT

Vulcan Forged is an NFT gaming studio featuring its dApp platform to help the developers realise their ideas to life. It presents itself as a user-centric platform with 10+ games live to date and offers a unique proposition wherein NFT can be minted without any gas fees. The platform has a trading volume worth $6 Mn and has also amassed the support of 12K+ users.

Defi 11 #Accelerated #Second #Gaming #NFT

DeFi11 is the world’s first DeFi powered decentralised Gaming Ecosystem for fantasy sports, prediction markets, sports betting and NFTs which incorporates the features of DeFi- Swapping and staking. It serves as a one-stop platform that seeks to expand the bandwidth of DeFi, thereby empowering players with the ability to bet on in-game teams, events, and contests.

Sin-City #Accelerated #Second #NFT #Gaming

Set to be the “GTA” of the Blockchain ecosystem, Sin-City metaverse would offer countless in-game features to the players like the purchase of real-estate (world-class locations), trading of NFTs, staking-swapping of tokens, a whole new underworld gaming experience, and much more. The community is hyped up to experience the thrill that Sin-City is planning to deliver in the DeFi gaming ecosystem.

Proxy #Accelerated #Second #Defi

BTC Proxy is the next generation permissionless Bitcoin Staking protocol built on Matic (now Polygon). The protocol tries to bridges the interoperability gap and allow easy movement of BTC holders in and out of DeFi. It solves the problem that BTC holders usually face such as Counterparty Risk from exchanges, price slippage hurts their profit and high gas being charged on transfers.

Drife #Accelerated #Second #Infrastructure

Dubbed as Taxi 3.0, Drive Drife is a ride-hailing platform that aims to establish a mobility ecosystem on Blockchain addressing the inefficiencies and privacy concerns in the present world rise sharing platforms such as UBER, OLA and others.

Vanilla Network #Accelerated #Second #Gaming

The premise of this project lies in the production of award-winning staking and betting decentralized applications (dApps) that appeal to all betting enthusiasts, and those seeking rewards for long-term participation as stakeholders. Through use of Blockchain technology, their aim is to produce the first decentralized betting and staking platform in which the house no longer wins. All rewards, therefore, are returned to the consumer.

OroPocket #Accelerated #Pilot #Defi

OroPocket is a fintech protocol that presents a novel idea of tokenisation and fractionalization of real-world assets by leveraging blockchain technology to enable real-time custody of assets and also allow developers to build applications on top of it. Their aim is to act as a bridge and provide solutions to the problems such as compliance and regulatory hurdles faced by the institutional investors by enabling on-chain KYC and allowing for attestation of data.

Xfai Protocol #Investment #Defi

XFai is a set of autonomous liquidity management smart contracts (strategies) for tokens with low trade volumes and market caps. XFai allows holders of 'small cap' tokens to earn returns on their 'small cap' tokens when providing liquidity and therefore increase their position in those projects.

HouseMaster #Accelerated #Second #Gaming

HouseMaster is a Dapp on Fantom blockchain that allows the users to build their “House” by acquiring tokens. The protocol stacks DeFi Staking with the Casino games allowing users to earn rewards as well as interest on their capital. With the significant adoption of the new-gen chains such as Fantom, clubbed with the deflationary token issuance model, HouseMaster is set to disrupt the DeFi gaming ecosystem forever.

Persistence #Investment #Defi

Persistence is building an ecosystem of financial products, focusing on both institutional and crypto-native use cases. Their main focus is on Decentralized Finance, NFT and Proof of Stake.

Bridge Network #Accelerated #Second #Infrastructure

Bridge Network is a decentralized cross-chain interoperability protocol that allows seamless transfer of assets across supported blockchain networks. The protocol has developed a revolutionary tech stack allowing the community members to create a bridge and earn rewards through fees while ensuring robust security & insurance coverage for the tokens.

DFYN #Accelerated #Pilot #Defi

Dfyn is a Multi-Chain DEX that leverages cross-chain bridge technology to avoid fragmentation of liquidity across chains. Dfyn AMMs are optimized to support ultra-fast, gasless transactions due to its Layer 2 integration.

Bitay #Accelerated #Second #Infrastructure

Bitay, an Istanbul-based Turkish Crypto exchange boasts over a million registered users and has over $500 million in daily volume. The exchange prioritizes its users by offering them accessible, seamless solutions allowing them to be a part of the ongoing decentralisation revolution.

Singularity DAO #Accelerated #Pilot #Defi

Founded by the visionary Dr. Ben Goertzel, chief scientist at Hanson Robotics, SingularityDAO implies the leading AI technology by Singularity NET to power dynamically adjustment of weightage of tokens while allowing easy accessibility to diverse DeFi portfolios.

NFTx #Testnet #NFT #Gaming

NFTx has partnered with pioneers of electronic dance music and the live events scene, providing fans with a chance to connect with artists and relive euphoria-filled moments direct on the blockchain. The initial NFT release of the project has been created to capture the primal buzz of the live dance music experience in collaboration with two high-profile events (Planetary Assault System, Festival Forte) from the world of Techno music.

Scorefam Token #Testnet #DeFi #Gaming

Distinctly created for football enthusiasts, Scorefam has integrated entertainment with blockchain technology. Similar to Chiliz, it is trying to club the features of DeFi- staking with the gaming ecosystem. It has built a holistic platform wherein users can subscribe, get rewarded from the football gaming events and provides easy connectivity with fans across the globe.

Apollo Protocol #Investment #Defi

Apollo is a true seigniorage share model decoupling volatility and ensuring absolute stability while capturing the value of a world wealth index from a basket of stable assets, creating a future proof and innovative digital asset.

Massde.fi #Accelerated #Pilot #Defi

Massde.fi aims to usher in a ‘Mass Retail revolution’ through its consumer-centric platform which provides them decentralised access to money markets. It brings in real world utility through its swarm of features such as- Earn Yields on Crypto and Fiat, Borrow Cash against your Crypto, Zero % consumer loan and its credit card that rewards you for your purchase.

Router Protocol #Investment #Defi

Router Protocol is a cross chain liquidity infrastructure primitive that aims to seamlessly provide bridging infra between various current and emerging layer-1 and layer-2 blockchain solutions, such as Matic, Ethereum and Avalanche network.

SmarTicket #Testnet #NFT #DeFi

SmarTicket is a unique protocol that ensures transparency by onboarding the sale-purchase of tickets of an event on blockchain technology (Creating NFTs). It has built a robust platform that assists the event’s organizers to sell NFTs tickets (prevents forging) while maintaining a ledger representing ownership of tickets.

AIO.NFT #Testnet #NFT #DeFi

“Act It Out” (AIO) has built an NFT platform that is set to unite the video content creators, stakeholders in the traditional cinema industry (Actors & Production Houses), enabling them to auction their creations as NFTs. AIO enables the artists to mint their own NFTs (without technical skills) which can be purchased by the community members on the platform.

Aqar Chain #Accelerated #Second #Infrastructure

Aqar Chain is a one of a kind facility management platform that allows users to invest in properties by purchasing a small fraction of tokenized lands, the ownership of which is inscribed on the Tezos blockchain.

AiMedis #Accelerated #Second #Healthcare

Aimedis is a healthcare platform that makes ehealth secure, affordable and accessible worldwide. It is also the world's first medical & scientific NFT marketplace that has actual real world use cases.

Bull Perks #Investment #Defi

Bull Perks is one of the fairest and most community dedicated decentralized VC and multi chain launchpad. Their previous investments include- Elrond, Fantom, Certik, Bitmax and many more.

Kaarma #Testnet #NFT #DeFi

Kaarma is a revolutionary freelancing platform that aims to promote collaboration between the artists and buyers, thereby, improving the social element of NFT platforms. Accessible to the whole freelancing community, Kaarma offers many distinctive features like prefunding NFTs, direct messaging, requesting customized NFTs, and more flexibility to the users by enabling them to select their own web3 storage for storing the NFTs

Crypto Ville #Testnet #Gaming #NFT

Synthesizing the use-cases of Yield-Farming and GameFi, Crypto Ville delivers a platform where users can stake upon different cryptocurrencies (PoS model) over a period of time till it reaches the harvest period. Once the harvest period is reached, the user can gain their profits in an interactive way. The platform has also integrated with NFT in its ecosystem which can be purchased and traded further by the players.

Deflix (CrypTV) #Testnet #NFT

Developed by the Deflix team, CrypTV is a revolutionary Blockchain-based streaming platform that provides a pay-as-you-watch functionality along with easy streaming license management using NFT derivative of the movies, linked to a media NFT marketplace. The platform in itself is a robust mechanism that offers ownership and trading of content (as NFTs) to the owners, producers, and creators.

Soft AI #Testnet #Infrastructure #DeFi

Soft AI has introduced a distinctive technological ecosystem (Hardware & Software) that records data about the air such as Particulate Matter, Humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure, ozone concentration, CO2 concentration and stores it on the Helium Blockchain. It is the first system across western Africa that logs air quality data in various cities and updates the users about the information on their PCs/Android devices. Currently, in the test net stage, the ecosystem is evolving rapidly and accounts for 172K active nodes on the platform.